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Yunus Olawale

Zakat and Sadaqat Foundation, an Islamic based non-profit organization in Lagos, has distributed N207,807,592 to empower 2,685 beneficiaries  in order to alleviate poverty in our immediate society. The Foundation gave out cash and economic empowerment tools such as laptops, refrigerators, grinding machines, motorcycles, embroidery machines, printers, tricycles, and sewing machines, to mention but a few.  

Prince Sulayman Olagunju, the Executive Director (ED) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Foundation, affirms that a total of N207,807,592 was distributed to 2,685 beneficiaries across Lagos State, bringing the total zakat disbursement for the year 2023 to N294,680,412 in 27 states. In his words, “With your support, we are disbursing a total of N207,807,592 to 2,685 beneficiaries in Lagos State alone. This will bring our total zakat disbursement this year to N294,680,412 and 3,624 beneficiaries across 27 states. It will also formally bring this year’s zakat distribution to a close.”

The distribution started on June 23rd, 2023, with the distribution of N59.3 million to 174 beneficiaries for health-related challenges, economic empowerment, and education support. He said, “A substantial number of the beneficiaries were widows and orphans. It was purposely used to mark the United Nation’s International Widows’ Day.”

The breakdown of the distribution indicates that N100 million was disbursed to empower artisans, traders, and small-scale businesses; health received N4.9 million, where 95 people with one ailment or another were provided with funds to take care of themselves. ZSF gave over 13 million naira in support for house rents, thus preventing 83 families from being ejected from their homes or rendered homeless. The sum of N4, 950,000 was disbursed to settle debts owed by 112 beneficiaries and the school fees of 315 students to the tune of N28, 355,650.”

Towards the end of the program, Prince Sulayman Olagunju expressed his profound gratitude to Allah, the contributors and payers of the Zakat and Sadaqah for their generous donations and contributions.  He said, “We are equally appreciative of our zakat payers who reposed their trust in us and have enabled us to serve Allah through their contributions. Your continuous payment of Zakat and Sadaqat for onward disbursement to the rightful beneficiaries has made the Foundation a household name across the country.”

This kind of distribution from the Foundation and other humanitarian organizations should be encouraged among the ummah to assist the poor masses in the country and to alleviate poverty in society, thereby reducing criminalities and cruelties in the immediate environment.

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