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The advent of phones, especially mobile ones, was the beginning of a great transformation in the realm of Homo sapiens. Indeed, its existence has made the universe a global village. Hence, every being can reach each other effortlessly and communicate easily with less pecuniary. This is great and extremely well acknowledged. With this, it should be used judiciously and with the fear of Allah.

As the use of a phone can be machinery for one to be an inhabitant of the Paradise of Allah, no doubt, the use of such an object can be a mechanism for one to enter the blazing fire of Allah. May Allah save us from it! Therefore, every conscious and conscientious Muslim should be careful when using their phone to not distract and disturb them while worshiping Allah. It should be used as an agent to receive the mercy of Allah and get numerous rewards by using it.

While keeping reminding ourselves of the essence of our creation, we should fathom that the Man and the Jinn were mainly created to worship Allah, and everyone should strive to do that so as to earn good rewards in this world and hereafter, and Al Jannah is our abode.

However, inasmuch as one wants his/her deeds to be recorded in the right books of our Creator, one should worship in line with his or her pledge with Allah (You do we serve and You do we beseech help) and should be absolutely disallowed any distraction of so ever to distort his or her pledge.

Pathetically, Iblis (Shaytan) has waited for us to use our mobile telephones to distract us from the true worship of Allah. A cursory look around reveals many idle away on their phones rather than having time for ad dhikr. This is very sad and egregious!  Many go to the mosques with their telephones, and when it rings, it diverts the congregation. Some, even at Jumah prayers, will rather be busy with their handsets than listen to the khut’bah. The same is true for Eid prayers. Worse on the Day of Arafah, rather for many to be embedded in Du’a; many often engage in using their phones for mundane things including photography, long calls, WhatsApp chats, Instagram, and tweeting,  Subuhannallah. These acts with our mobile are stealing away rewards and if we do not desist, on the Day of Qiyammah, our books of Records might be empty! 

Few minutes of concentration in the sight of Allah are achievable, if we can keep our phones away when necessary.  “O Children of Adam! Let not Shaytan deceive you, as he removed your parents out of Paradise.”Al-Qur’an 7:27

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