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The two Muslim young men from Dagestan saved the residents of the panel house from fire in the city of Baltiysk in the Kaliningrad region. The young men took an active part in a rescue campaign and managed to get out of the house several people, including those of retirement age.

The cause a massive fire was the explosion of the gas.

The young heroes were the Marine Corps soldier Rajab Rizvanov and his friend Pirmagomed Huseynov. They were among the first to come to the aid of the victims. Rizvanov managed to enter the flaming house through the window and saved a woman with a small child, after which he helped to evacuate people from the second floor.

The young saviors also took an old woman out of the burning house; she was asleep at the time of the explosion. The boys carried a 90-year-old woman in arms from the fourth floor. In total, thanks to the help of Rajab and Pirmagomed, 7 people were saved.

For their courage in rescuing people, the young soldiers will be rewarded by the command of the Baltic Fleet.

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