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Some friends stick closer than brothers. Our bonds were truly strong and that is the reason your demise, is a blow to my heart; left me confused; and distressed. The reality of your departure to eternity is difficult to embrace, therefore, bearing your loss has been one of the hardest challenges I have ever had. Memories never cease to remind me of who you were. Anytime I scan through the walls of memories and remember the times, travels, travails, tribulations, thorns, roses, pleasure and the pranks we have been through together, this irreversible situation becomes super sad and very painful. You lived a short but honourable life. You were a Greatness personified. You were not born with a silver spoon but through dint of hardwork and self determination, you fought and conquered indegence and then rose to stardom.You loved your family and all around you. Your smile was infectious and calming. You were a helping hand for others. Your contribution to society and humanity development is top notch.You were Seriki Bobagunwa of Egbaland among other titles. Accepting that you are gone is similar to fighting alone without a backup. No one to call me Shaka again and I have none to call Shaka anymore. No one ever understands the meaning and usage except us. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. O Allah, forgive AbdulSobur Olayiwola Olawale and elevate his station among those who are guided. Send him along the path of those who came before, and forgive us and him, O Lord of the worlds. Enlarge for him his grave and shed light upon him in it.Till we meet again and part no more, adieu Shaka.

Lateef Odekunle.

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