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Members of The Muslim Congress (TMC) and Al-Mu’minaat, the Believing Women Organisation, in Lagos State have donated about 51 pints of blood to injured victims of the unfortunate bus-train collision.

The incident, which happened on Thursday at PWD by Shogunle railway line, on the Agege Motor road, claimed the lives of six people while 79 others sustained different degrees of injuries.

The blood donation exercise was conducted by health practitioners and officers of the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Service (LSBTS) at the monthly Fiqh Forum. Fiqh Forum is a gathering of knowledge where scholars address different issues .

Imam Sherifdeen Ibrahim, TMC National Vice President noted that the day’s edition of Fiqh Forum was a special one addressing two pressing issues.

“The first is preparation for Ramadan and one of the ways by which we prepare is to run a check one’s health and medical well-being. Secondly, we’re here to sympathise and empathise with the Lagos State Government and those affected by the bus-train collision in Ikeja last week. And also used the opportunity to encourage members to partake in the noble act of blood donation as support for victims of the accident in need of blood. He expressed his sadness over the bus-train collision and prayed for those affected by it.

He adviced drivers be more obedient and compliant to traffic rules to prevent such unfortunate situation.

Akintola Kuburat Olajumoke, who led  LSBTS Team “We are thankful to our Muslim brothers and sisters for this laudable act of kindness, as you don’t know who might be in need of blood, it might be your relative or next door neighbour. I’ve received blood from donors and I’ve been a donor as well. We’re really impressed, people are trying a lot. As I speak, we’ve had about fourty donors and it’s still counting. We’re really very grateful.”


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