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The Bee (in Arabic: الْنَّحْل; an-nahl) is the 16th chapter (sūrah) of the Qur’an, with 128 (āyāt) verses. It is named after honey bees mentioned in verse 68, and contains a comparison of the industry and adaptability of honey bees with the industry of man.

Among Muslims, it has a special significance as the Holy Quran denotes it as a cure for mankind. It states in chapter 16 (Surah al-Nahl, the Chapter of the Bee), verses 69-70: “And thy Lord has inspired the bee, saying, ‘Make thou houses in the hills and in the trees and in the trellises which they build.

   Did you know that… there are living enzymes in honey?
   Did you know that… in contact with metal these enzymes die and honey becomes toxic?
   Did you know that… there are between 10 and 80,000 bees in one hive?
   Did you know that… Honey contains a substance that helps the human brain work better?
   Did you know that…Honey is the ONLY food on earth that alone…can sustain human life?
   Did you know that… Bees saved people in Africa from starvation?
   Did you know that… One teaspoon of honey is enough to sustain human life for 24 hours?
   Did you know that… Propolis produced by Bees is the most powerful natural ANTIBIOTIC?
   Did you know that… to get 1g. Poison, need a sting from over 10,000 bees?
   Did you know that… Honey has no expiration date?
   Did you know that… Honey is the first form (currency) of the world… as payment?
   Do you know that… to gain 1 kg. Honey do you need the nectar of over 1,000,000 flowers?
   Did you know that… The first coins in the world had a painted Bee 🐝?
   Did you know that…Honey is best consumed with Honeycomb?
   Did you know that… there is a special wooden spoon for honey, not a metal one?
   Did you know that… Bee pastures are the healthiest food in the world?
   Did you know that… Pollen can have more than 1500 colors and shades?
   Did you know that… a bee can fly at a speed of over 60 km/h?
   Did you know that… In Great Britain, the royal family consumes Romanian honey?

   Did you know that… Manna honey… is made from the saliva of some bugs called “fatties”?
   Did you know that… the bodies of the great emperors of the world were buried in golden   caskets and then covered with honey to prevent rotting?
   Did you know that bees are the ONLY bugs that produce food for humans?
   Did you know that… The name “HONEYMOON” comes from the fact that newlyweds consumed honey and mead for fertility after the wedding?

   Did you know that… The mother (queen) lays twice her weight in eggs in one day?
   – Did you know that… The mother has a “section” called the spermatic cord?
   – Did you know… that bees flap their wings more than 11,000 times a minute?
   Did you know that… the only honey that can be enjoyed by those allergic to bee products is manna (manuka) honey.
   Did you know that…manuka honey is the best honey for women?
   Did you know that… Acacia honey is not sweetened?
   Do you know that… A bee lives less than 40 days, visits at least 1000 flowers and produces less than a teaspoon of honey, but for her it’s a lifetime! ALLAHU AKBAR!

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