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Yunus Olawale

Allah (The Exalted) creates every creature for every purpose. All creatures, both the ones science considers living and nonliving, are created to serve some certain purpose in their lifetime. Don’t be surprised if you meet an individual who does well for you without expecting a return from you. He or she serves his or her purpose for being created. You must not as well taken aback if you encounter an individual who has such bad deals with you, he/she as well serves his/her purpose of meeting you in a lifetime. And don’t be dumbfounded, that is life, move on!

People or things you perceive to be wild and cruel may have a significant role to play in your life; should you embrace them or distance yourself from them? Make your decision by their words and actions! Again, if you meet some people who are calm and humanitarian-laden, they have some important roles in your life: live with them but be cautious!

Behold, positive and negative, when combined, bring out beneficial results. Yes, have your reason through the connectivity of electricity,   you will comprehend my stand. Meanwhile, if you meet a negative mind but you are a positive being, don’t be harsh on him/her, she/he has a purpose for you- gain some lessons.

The life of a Crocodile and Plover bird is the best instance to back my words. Crocodile is an animal- a wild one though. Plover is a species of birds calm and unharmed but they are related and exhibit some purpose for the benefit of each other. Both crocodiles and plovers are mutual and resourceful friends. They serve some beneficial purposes for each other. Crocodile serves food for the plover, in return, the plover takes care of the crocodile’s teeth without harming it. What a life of cooperation and mutual understanding. Ergo, the crocodile is created because of the plover, and vice versa.  When the crocodile goes on to the field hunting for what to eat, the plover is around it to take care of its teeth, because if those particles of food remain in the crocodile’s mouth for so long, they are very detrimental to his health. The plover, on the other hand, survives on the jettison it gets from the crocodile. If the crocodile fails to get its food, there is no way the plover will survive its existence, and if the plover fails to cleanse the crocodile’s mouth, its health is at stake.

This healthy relationship between the crocodile and the plover indicates the purpose for which we must live together as a family and friends. The Sky has no limit!

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