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As part of the arrangement for the problem of inadequate tent allocation to Nigerian pilgrims in Muna, the Saudi authorities have agreed to relocate about 10000 pilgrims to an additional site in order to decongest the present tent.

The decision is sequel to the complaint lodged by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON ) to the Muttawwif of African Non Arabs on inadequate tents, inadequate food supply and late food service to the pilgrims.

The Muttawwif while apologizing for the treatment metted out to Nigerian pilgrims promised to make up for the incident by relocating the pilgrims to the Turkish Arena which can conveniently accommodate about 10,000 pilgrims. “We really want to apologize for what the Nigerian pilgrims suffered through today. However, I want to impress it on the commission that we will give them the utmost priority in the coming days for what they passed through” said Sindhi, who is the Chairman of the Company of Muttawifs.

Therefore, from 2pm on Wednesday, we will relocate about 10,000 pilgrims outside the traditional tent area to the Turkish Arena which has better facilities and will also ease the crowd in the Muna area.

Mr Sindhi expressed appreciation to Alhaji Zikrullah Kunle Hassan, Chairman of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) for showing understanding and the Nigerian pilgrims for their patience and perseverance.

Mousa Ubandawaki

Deputy Director, Information and Publication


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