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The Education and Teachers Association (P2G) strongly urged the Religious Affairs Ministry to issue a regulation that would help prevent and countermeasure sexual violence in religious-based education institutions.

“This regulation is urgently needed considering that the number of sexual violence in religious education intitutions are considerably high,” said P2G national coordinator Satriwan Salim in a written statement on Friday, December 10.

He reffered this to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology which has issued a similar regulation for general schools. 

Satriwan believes administrators of Islamic boarding schools (pesantren) and other similar education systems must be trained with the understanding and skills on how to prevent and overcome a situation involving sexual violence. 

The P2G hopes that the two state ministries; the Religious Affairs Ministry and Education Ministry, will be able to provide a proper understanding on the concept and regulations related to children’s rights and prevention against violence in education institutions. 

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