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The Students Islamic Organisation in New Delhi, India has announced that it will fund the education of the three children of Moinul Haque, the man who died after being shot by the Assam Police as he protested against an eviction drive and was then attacked brutally by a photographer.

which the student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami, met with the families of Haque and 12-year-old Shaikh Farid, who also died protesting against the eviction in Sipajhar village of Darrang district in Assam, India on September 23.

SIO national president Salman Ahmad said, “We want them to study in their area of interest as much as they want. We pray for better life and prosperity for them and punishment for those who made them suffer.”

The police as well as an administration-employed photographer were caught on camera brutally shooting, thrashing and stomping on 30-year-old Haque’s body during the ‘anti-encroachment’ eviction. 

Following the incident, the Assam government ordered a probe by a panel headed by a retired high court judge. The cameraperson seen stomping on Haque’s body has been arrested and is currently on 14 days’ judicial remand.

Haque was the sole breadwinner of his family, which comprises his wife, three children and two elderly parents. The vegetables Haque grew gave him meagre earnings.

His two sons, Moqsidul and Muqaddas Ali, are 13 and 14 years old respectively, and his daughter Manzoora, is nine.

Following his death, his wife and elderly parents have moved to the tin makeshift relief camp that has been set up for the 800 families that had been uprooted in the eviction. Nearly all of them are Muslims of East Bengal origin.

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