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A cleric, Alhaji Yussif Amudani Sulemana, has urged Ghanaians, especially the youth, to desist from calling their aged mothers witches

The youth, according to Sulemana, who is the Eastern Regional Chief Imam, should rather accord such women dignity and respect.

He indicated that the practice of associating old women with witchcraft should be stopped immediately.

The Chief Imam explained that those who called their mothers, witches did that because their mothers did not allow them to engage in negative activities such as stealing, smoking of harmful substances and prostitution.

According to Alhaji Sulemana, those who engaged in such disrespectful acts must stop now since they are frowned on by most religions, especially Islam.

“If indeed, old women, as well as our old mothers, are truly witches, they would have killed us at infancy. We would not have even got the chance to live or grow,” he stated.

Alhaji Sulemana, therefore, appealed to teachers, community leaders, chiefs as well as the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) to carry out educational programmes to teach children as well as adults to refrain from calling old women witches.

He also advised women to take good care of their children and urged the police to deal with anybody, particularly the youth, reported to have called an old woman a witch.

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