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A scholar with humility; a sense of forgiveness, piety; kind-heartedness and generosity

Sheikh Hamza Hussein Al-Dohak was born in Ikirun, Osun State, Nigeria, from respected and religious parents.  He grew as a creative thinker, which made him exceptionally different from his childhood peers. Allah, granted him with the manners of the great Islamic spiritual scholars. He was a humble servant of Allah; self-sufficient; brave, truthful, good character and; warm personality. He practised the life of asceticism and Sufism and spent most of his period supplicating.

He began his Qur’an education with Sheikh Ya’coob, moved to continue with his uncle Sheikh Mohammed Raji where he completed two parts of the Holy Quran. Then he, travelled to Oyan town and schooled under Sheikh Abdul Salam, from whom he finished learning the Holy Quran. He learnt from Sheikh Zakariah Al-Falaki, the principles of religion and the Arabic language. He furthered his study to improve and enhance his knowledge at the famous Markaz Agege Arabic & Islamic Training Centre, , thus becoming a graduating member of the fourth batch of graduates from Markaz.

In furtherance to his knowledge-seeking, he travelled to Cairo, Egypt and, participated in a global professional course on advanced preaching and sermon organized by the University of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif.  He travelled based on his nomination by Sheikh, Al-Alory, due to his brilliance and performance in Markaz. He was eloquent and skilful, possessed the dignity of a righteous scholar.

He had to his scholarship books, pamphlets, recorded sermons but, the most popular is The Great Win in the Science of Interpretation. The book is a reliable reference for many scholars in understanding the interpretation (Tafseer) of the Holy Qur’an in Nigeria.  The book equips scholars with information related to their specialization and helping to make the art of interpreting the Holy Quran easier in the best way. In Osogbo Osun-state, he founded the Zumratul Sua’dau Islamic Society and built a mosque for worship. He became a senior member of the League of Imams and Scholars of Yoruba land, the Grand Mufti of Yoruba land and the first Mufasir of Osun State until Allah called him.

Allah manifested His greatness in his family life, he is blessed with pearls and jewels as children from his wives. They live across the globe and are in the Academics, Business, Administration, Banking and Religion.

May Allah have mercy on him and reward him with Jannah.

He was the father-in-Law to Alhaji Adam Olabode Adedimeji Esq, the Murishid of the PEACE Magazine and Senior Legislative Aide at the National Assembly. Service Commission, Abuja.

Abdulfattah Abdussalam

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