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A school has apologised after a video showing Muslim pupils praying outside in the cold weather sparked anger after allegedly being “kicked out” of a classroom.

Male pupils were shown praying outside the Oldham Academy North to conduct their Jummah prayers (Friday prayers).

Social media users were outraged after it was claimed a female teacher had “kicked out” the pupils from a classroom.

The footage shows eight school boys praying on the pavement with a member of staff wearing a hi-vis jacket supervising.

Once they have completed their prayer, the boys pack their bags up and stand up.

Furious viewers say the treatment of the school boys is “disgusting” and “distressing”.

Oldham Academy North said pupils couldn’t pray inside because severe flooding had caused 15 classrooms to have to be closed due to the damage. The school has issued a formal apology in a statement and confirmed that an investigation has been launched.

A former pupil of Oldham Academy North told the Oldham Times that pupils were praying in a classroom while on their lunchbreak and a teacher ‘told them to leave’.

The school had not offered an alternative prayer room, so the pupils had to go outside to conduct their prayer.

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