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Yunus, OLawale

In a session hosted by Business France at the French Embassy in Riyadh, the French business aviation company UUDS Aero officially established its presence in Saudi Arabia.

According to Business France, the government organisation in charge of managing France’s economic globalisation, the company will provide Saudi Arabia with a wide range of aviation services.

Gilles Negre, CEO, UUDS Aero, said, “UUDS is firmly aligned with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030 and dynamic outlook for the aviation sector.”

He added, “While launching its maintenance, repair, and overhaul solutions to the Kingdom, UUDS aims to play a vital role in the local aviation sector and targets air transport sector development with specific initiatives within the MRO industry.”

 UUDS is committed to developing the aviation sector, fostering enduring partnerships, and providing top-notch solutions that can be customised to meet changing market demands. It is prepared to play a significant role in the Kingdom’s aviation environment as it begins its operation in Saudi Arabia.

France is a significant force in the MRO industry, known for its know-how and competence. The UUDS team has just committed to supporting Saudi Vision 2030 in the area of aviation.

The French government has announced plans to invest considerably in the aviation industry as part of its aim to transition from hydrogen fuel and implement a zero-carbon plan.

Ludovic Pouille, ambassador of France to Saudi Arabia, said, “The aviation industry is clearly an important part of the French industrial fabric, and UUDS also intends to boost local employment and industry for Saudi Arabia.”

In order to address comprehensive solutions for cabin improvements, refurbishment, completion, maintenance, and the installation of medical equipment, UUDS extended out to a wide variety of stakeholders in the aviation industry and adjacent industries, including airlines, through the workshop.

UUDS will train Saudi youth while assuring proximity for project management, surveys, and fit checks on aircraft. UUDS has a specialised team of local engineers stationed in Riyadh.

The French business plans to open a production facility and workshop with cutting-edge technology.

source: Arab News

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