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Yunus, Olawale

Every day, more attempts are made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to promote diversity and inclusion in the modeling profession. There has been a movement in recent years to show a broader diversity of models, including individuals with varied body shapes, skin tones, and cultural origins.

This attempt to promote diversity and inclusion benefits not only the industry but also society as a whole. The industry may help challenge limited norms and foster a more inclusive and accepting society by exhibiting a varied selection of models.

Saudi model, Abadi Al-Aseeri has deemed it fit to launch a modeling agency that includes all types of models, including youngsters, after noticing a gap in the market. He, therefore, launched Elegant Pose. Elegant Pose is a Saudi modeling agency that was established with the goal of bringing together all models in the Kingdom from all races and serving as a one-stop shop for businesses that require models for ads or fashion shows.

Al Aseeri said that the agency would bring all forms of attractiveness in the Kingdom and to fulfil the demands of the public in the Kingdom, and that Jaddah is a diverse community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hence promotes unity in the Kingdom. He said, “Elegant Pose agency gathers all kinds of beauty — not just Arabic Saudi features — and it’s necessary to be diverse since some clients ask for a certain type of model. The world should be aware that Saudis, especially in Jeddah, are mixed-race people because we have Asian Saudis, African Saudis, Black Saudis, and even Caucasian Saudis. I am a Black model and I’m dispelling the stereotypical idea that all Saudis have one feature. I also don’t represent the stereotypical Saudi beauty.”

While asking the varieties of models he has in store, he answered that there are many models and styles a client can go for, and which depends on the choice or taste of such client. He said, “Depending on the needs of the clients, we have many models. Model Kendah, an East Asian Saudi, stands out as a gifted and experienced model for clothing and accessories. We also have model Layan with her curly hair, tanned skin and glasses that make her a fit as a model from a coastal region.”

There has been a rise in industry interest, with new modeling agencies and opportunities popping up all across the Kingdom. This expansion is projected to continue in the coming years as the business gains national and worldwide recognition.

By the end of this year, the country’s fashion market is expected to be worth $33.6 billion. A variety of causes have contributed to this expansion, including a rise in disposable income, a growing young population, and a shift toward more liberal attitudes. As a result, Saudi Arabia has emerged as a major player in the global fashion business, with a number of local designers and brands gaining international acclaim.

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