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Saudi Health Minister Fahad Al-Jalajel met with British private-sector CEOs during his official visit to the UK, discussing strategic healthcare partnerships, digital transformation and biotechnology.

They also discussed the role of the private sector in enhancing Saudi-British cooperation in healthcare, innovation, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and investment.

The meetings were attended by representatives of investment companies, universities and research centers, during which the Saudi Health Ministry reviewed its partnership program with the private sector and prospects of cooperation in research, development, innovation and expertise exchange.

The ministry also reviewed the Saudi digital transformation program and progress achieved in this regard, including the Seha Virtual Hospital, which was launched in February 2022 as part of the Kingdom’s efforts to digitize its healthcare sector.

It is connected to over 150 hospitals and covers more than 35 subspecialties throughout Saudi Arabia.

Patients no longer need to travel to different parts of the Kingdom to be seen by specialized physicians, and are not limited to regular clinic hours.

As reported by Arab news where an official said that patients can now receive second and third medical opinions from the same consulting room.

During an appointment, vital signs, tests and scans can be taken and shared with a network of specialists.

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