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Russia has scheduled to mark the 1100th anniversary of arrival of Islam to the country in a ceremony unveiling 14 books on theology.

Council for religious affairs in Russia will unveil 14 books on theology, Islamic history and culture in part of the ceremony to mark 1100 anniversary of the holy religious being embraced by Russians.
The monography by Demir Muhyiddin, first deputy of the Council for religious affairs in Russia titled “Russian Islam: Searching Political Subjectivism” has been welcomed by everyone.
The main theme of the book is how a Russian Muslim pictures himself as a citizen or stresses his ethnical identity. The author provides the readers with a precise idea on “Russian Islam’s consciousness on its identity.”
The Russian religious figure relates on the relation between Russian Islam as, a socio-cultural phenomenon, and its stance in the cultural law dominating Russia proving that this phenomenon depends upon Russian Muslims capabilities in redefining cultural laws and that requires spiritual and ideological promotions in Russia.
The 1100th anniversary for arrival of Islam in Russia will be held in 2022 and the ceremony is particularly important since Islam was peacefully embraced by the local people.

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