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The jinn are powerful creatures of Allah (SWT), which are unseen to every human being but clearly see every human being. They are created from fire. They are well known to be doing evil but this is an erroneous perspective because in them we have good and devoted Muslims, as we have in the realm of human beings. Also, in them, we have poisonous and disastrous creatures whose deeds are zilch but evil. They attack human beings who repudiate following the guidelines of Islam. No doubt, they, too, are going to account for what they have done on earth on the day of resurrection.

The jinn have different places where they are living and they can live anywhere, even in a man’s or woman’s body. This is why the Prophet (SAW) encouraged us to always engage in Adkar and follow some rules and guidelines in Islam.

In our homes, however, five places where they are living with us in which we need to be extraordinarily careful so that we won’t encounter them to harm us:

The first place is the toilet. This is the place in our home where every occupant must visit every day. It is a comfort station and, at the same time, a dangerous zone where the Jinn live and where they can easily attack human beings. Therefore, the Prophet (SAW) has urged us to do some Adkar before and after visiting the toilet so that we will not be attacked by the Jinn. Every conscious Muslim should make it a priority to teach their children the Adkar and not talk while in the toilet. Also, making sounds on the phone, e.g., playing music on the phone, while in the toilet, should be strictly discouraged and avoided.

Secondly, it is the place where we sleep. It can be on bed or any surface where we rest our day or take a nap. It is encouraged that we clean where we want to sleep or sit and mention the name of Allah, e.g., by saying Bismillahi, etc., because the place where we intend to sleep or sit has been occupied by the jinn or lay their children on it. Sleeping or sitting on it without mentioning the name of Allah and spreading it very well might be very dangerous for us—we will be attacked.

Thirdly, the place in our home where Jinn can be is hanging clothes. Don’t be taken aback that the clothes you hang for so long on a hanger or rope in your home can be attracted to the jinn. They can wear it. The prophet (SAW) has warned us to fold our clothes and arrange them well because folded clothes will not give room for the jinn.

Another place in our home where Jinn can be is at any form of picture we have or hang on the wall in our homes. Any form of picture, be it an animal statue, a human statue, or a photograph, displays the human body. Our Prophet (SAW) has seriously warned us to abstain from this act and be conscious of our lives.

Lastly but not least, any place where fire comes out in our home is a place where jinn can be. We should be reminded that Allah created the jinn from the fire; therefore, they like where the fire comes out. To prevent this, the daily Adkar, both the ones in the morning and the afternoon, should not miss us. Let us encourage our family to always mention the name of Allah.

May Allah save us from the evil on earth and in heaven!

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