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By Noah Aderoju

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has lauded security agencies for the arrest of some of the attackers behind the Owo church massacre in Osun, which claimed about 40 lives.MURIC said this in a statement made by its director Prof Ishaq Akintola in Abuja.“MURIC commends the security agencies for unmasking those behind the massacre. Their task was herculean, yet they did Nigeria proud by getting results within reasonable time. They proved beyond any reasonable doubt that no arm of the security agencies is sleeping.” He saidHe noted that surprisingly none of the attackers was a Fulani man, contrary to the general belief that the attackers were Fulani people but from Okene Kogi state.He recounted how many notable personalities, groups and media house had earlier blamed the Fulanis and even President Buhari for the attack.He also recalled the reprisal attacks on Northerners and their property in some communities in Ondo state immediately after the church massacre He however urged Nigerians to be circumspect and not irrationally blame people or tribe for negative actions because no tribe is naturally bad or good.”MURIC appeals to Nigerians to be circumspect, to avoid jumping to conclusions and, most importantly, to stop ethnic profiling and hasty judgement. There are criminals in all tribes just as there are decent people everywhere.”“We charge cynics to rekindle the fire of hope in Nigeria. We will get positive results if our attitude to our soldiers, the police and the Department of State Services (DSS) is positive. We can only reap what we sow” the statement partly reads.

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