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Dr. Olugbon Abdullateef, the Director of Veterinary Services in Kwara State, emphasised that the role of veterinarians in the modern world extends far beyond treating animals. He made this assertion during a panel session at the National Association of Muslim Veterinary Medical Students (NAMVEMS) Convention titled “Gerin Alimi 2023,” which took place on October 7, 2023, in Unilorin.

During his presentation on the theme “MODERN DAY VETERINARIANS: ROLES AND IMPACT ON ONE HEALTH, CHALLENGES AND RECOMMENDATIONS,” Dr. Olugbon stated, “Veterinarians are not only trained to treat animals but also play vital roles in diverse fields, including animal production, human health, business, disease prevention, and even politics.”

Further elaborating on the theme, Dr. Miftah Oyewo from the Ministry of Agriculture in Kwara State emphasised the significant role of veterinarians in the context of the “one health” approach. He outlined their roles as encompassing disease investigation, risk communication, strategies to prevent zoonotic diseases, vaccination activities, and various aspects related to human health, such as research and treatment.

Dr. Nusirat Elelu, the executive secretary to the Kwara state government on primary health care, represented by Dr. Shukurat, discussed the veterinarian’s role in “one health,” emphasising their responsibility to disseminate information about potential diseases before they pose threats to humans. She stressed the importance of collaboration between the medical and research communities to enhance the understanding of current discoveries in disease management.

The panel session also featured Dr. Ismail Odedoku and Dr. Akorede Farhan, who moderated the discussions.

The convention covered various topics, including securing international scholarships. The speaker, Dr. Aliyu Nuhu, provided valuable insights into scholarship opportunities abroad, advising graduates to prepare transcripts, demonstrate proficiency in IELT or TOEFL, and ensure a valid international passport. While awaiting scholarships, graduates were encouraged to engage in laboratory work, pursue short-course training, explore free online university courses, enhance their writing skills, and leverage social media to search for scholarship opportunities.

Additional programmes during the convention comprised Islamic lectures, school tours, exciting excursions, spirited football and quiz competitions, and a congress. The Congress brought the noteworthy announcement of a significant change, as the headquarters for the association were relocated to UDUS. UDUS will now oversee the affairs of NAMVEMS and is tasked with hosting the next convention, a decision reached during the congress.

Eyinade Sulaimon

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