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By: Muhammad Ahmad Musa

NAHCON Chairman Visits Tents of Pilgrims

The NAHCON Chairman/CEO, Alhaji Zikrullah Kunle Hassan has today carried out the usual annual visitation to the States’ Pilgrims’ Tents in Muna. The main purpose of the visit is to interact with the Pilgrims, their Managers and to get a first hand impression of the Pilgrims on their Hajj experience while at the Holy Sites particularly and in general.
During this visit, the NAHCON Chairman used to make it clear to the Pilgrims that NAHCON was not at all responsible for the provision of any services to the Pilgrims at the Masha’er.
He stated that throughout the Pilgrims’ staying at Muna & Arafat, the company of Mutawwif is responsible for the rendering of the entire services of tent provision, bedding, air conditioning, water supply, electricity, feeding/catering, cleaning and waste management.
He therefore, listened attentively to all the comments and concerns of the Pilgrims from the various states visited so far.
The Chairman/CEO was accompanied by the Nigerian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, His Excellency Ambal Alhaji Yahaya Lawal, who always extends the message of the Nigerian President Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu to his Pilgrims to concentrate on why they were on this spiritual journey. He admonished the Nigerian Hajjis to continue being good representatives of their country while in Saudi Arabia.
He as well urged them to concentrate on praying for themselves, their families, friends and also offer special prayers for Nigeria to be much more better.
The states officials expressed their appreciation of NAHCON and solicited for more collaboration in planning and execution of the subsequent Hajj operations planning.
The Pilgrims were given chance to voice out their views/experiences on the Hajj exercise.
The Chairman Managing Board of the Mutawwif company Dr. Ahmad bin Abbas AsSindi was also in the entourage for the first time in history and he used to respond to some of the issues raised.
The matters arising includes: food that is not very palatable, congested tent space, toilets lacking water, poor sanitation, garbage collection delays, absence of Nigerian type of food. The NAHCON States Visitation Teams were divided into three: Teams A, B, C & D to be led by the Chairman/CEO and Commissioners respectively.

Muhammad reports from Makkah – Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦.

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