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The collection of the crème de la crème of Nigeria that converged recently on the ancient Islamic city of Ilorin, Kwara State as witnesses to the Nikah ceremonies of Khadijah Mustapha to Mustapha Alao, says a lot about the protagonists. The nuptial communicates the unique personalities of the parents of the couple. It also showcased the couple’s personalities and dispositions to life.
The bride’s father, Malam A.U. Mustapha, SAN, is humility personified, while the groom’s father Dr. Mumini Alao, epitomises simplicity. And when Allah Aza Wa Ja Allah decided to roll these attributes into one, the popular saying that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, played itself out as their children became one: husband and wife. In all the events, sophistry pervaded.
The quietness at the Mustapha patriarch’s home in Isale Aluko, Ilorin, was upset as friends and families trooped in from far and near to witness the Walimat-ul-Qur’an and the Nikah between Khadijah and Mustapha Alao on Friday, 27th August, 2021. The bevy of Islamic Clerics present was impressive. It was a reflection of the Mustapha family’s Islamic and Quranic pedigrees that span centuries. The patriarch of the family, His Eminence Shehu Usman Mustapha, (Usman Aluko), is the Wali of Ilorin Emirate and a founding father of the Kwara State Football Association.
To the delight of the witnesses, Khadijah impeccably read the extracted verses of the Quran as part of the Walimat-ul- Quran and openly expressed her acceptance of Mustapha as her husband and her wish to be with him in Janah (the Hereafter). Imam AbdurRahman Ahmad, head of the Missionary activities of Ansar-Ud-Deen Society of Nigeria, under a unique atmospheric condition, presided over the solemnization. The heavens opened up and poured down its shower of blessings on everyone signifying fertility, prosperity and peaceful marital life for the couple. The Governors of Kwara and Ekiti states were part of the dignified guests. 
The electrifying moments at the Walimat-ul-Nikah (wedding reception) the following day shall remain evergreen in the minds of the couple, the horde of dignitaries present, families and well-wishers. The admonishment of the chairman at the occasion, Malam Nasir Ahmad EI-Rufai (Mr. Bulldozer), the Governor of Kaduna State, resonated as he, in a fatherly manner, admonished the husband to take good care of his wife and treat her very well. If not, he the Governor may drive his bulldozer to their matrimonial home to discipline him.

The amiable Governor of Kwara State, AbdurRahman AbdulRasaq who was the co-chairman at the reception, congratulated the couple and urged Mustapha to be a loving husband to his wife because she is a daughter to many people from Ilorin and she comes from a well-respected family.

Mr. Kanu Godwin Agabi, SAN, a former Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, advised the couple to strive for the desired peace that a true marital life gives. He admonished them not to give room for strains of marriage, for it is a dangerous signal which may cause a collapse.

Honourable Minister of State for Labour, Mr. Festus Keyamo, SAN, advised the bride to always accord and demonstrate the utmost respect for her husband and accept her marriage to him as ‘a final exit’ from the house of her parents on a journey of no return towards marital bliss.

The height of the reception was the cutting of the wedding cake, as supervised by Ummi El Rufai, wife of Malam El Rufai who currently chairs the Governors’ Wives Forum, and Hajiya Muinat Bola Shagaya, a woman of great benevolence.
Remarkably, the couple’s fathers are prominent personalities in football circles. The groom’s father, Dr. Mumini Alao is the group managing director of Complete Communications Limited, Nigeria’s pioneer sports publishing company. The bride’s father, Malam A.U. Mustapha, SAN, is the current President of the Confederation of African Football, CAF Appeal Board and Principal Partner of A.U. Mustapha Chambers.

As for the couple themselves, the husband, Mustapha Oluwatosin is a financial analyst and computer animation expert while the wife, Khadijah Damilola is a Barrister at Law.
May Allah in His infinitive mercies, bless the wedding, send His blessings upon Mustapha and  Khadijah, bring goodness between the two of them, and protect the marriage institution that strengthens the moral values that sustain relationships within the Ummah of the prophet. Amin.
Abdulfattah Abdussalam.

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