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The Saudi Arabian government allowed foreigners vaccinated with Sputnik V to visit the country. Muslim Religious Administration of Tatarstan in now awaiting confirmation of information to launch the necessary procedures, including obtaining a quota of pilgrims for the Republic of Tatarstan.

Ranis Vakhitov, general director of the DUM RT Hajj, official hajj operator in Tatarstan, said that the Regional Muslim Administration is now to receive confirmation of information on the admission of Russians vaccinated by “Sputnik V” to Saudi Arabia. After that, they are to start all the procedures, including obtaining a quota for pilgrims for Tatarstan.

“We were very pleased to hear the news in the media about the decision of the Saudi authorities to allow Russian Muslims vaccinated by Sputnik V to perform the Hajj,” he said.

Vakhitov recalled that Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov touched upon this issue at the last meeting of the strategic vision group “Russia – Islamic World” in Jeddah. According to him, Minnikhanov was able to convince the Saudi authorities to make this decision.

The fact that vaccinated Russians will be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia was announced on November 5 by the press secretary of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Lilia Galimova. She noted that Minnikhanov had a meeting with the Deputy Minister of Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah Abdel Fattah bin Suleiman Mashat, during which he asked to consider the possibility of allowing Muslims from Russia to make a pilgrimage with the Sputnik V vaccine.

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