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Muslims across the country have been asked to follow the true teachings of religion with following an upsurge in deviant teachings. 

According to scholars from Al Azhar University in Egypt, who presided over a lecture at the Riyadh Mosque in Lamu County the Quran has the right teachings but there are those who are taking advantage of the naivety of the youth and teaching the opposite.

Sheikh Abdelmeguid Elsayed from Al Azhar University said it was time religion became a key driver for the youth, noting that many a youth were now walking away from religious teachings, and now choosing a different lifestyle.

“Mosques are losing youth to the world. The number of people going to religious institutions is reducing and this should be a worry, ” said Sheikh Elsayed.

He added: “Terror cells are targeting our youth and they are unrelenting. If we do not go back to the roots, we may lose our youth to the world.”

The scholars, who have been on a mission in different parts of the country, spreading the gospel of embracing the real teachings of Islam and peaceful co-existence between religious outfits, noted that in the course of their studies, it has been found that there is a sharp decline in the uptake of religion, especially among the young people.

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