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He is the principal and founder of the law firm, GHALIB Chambers in Ilorin.

MSSN Holds the Key to Nigeria’s Future


With the country turning 60 and still grapples with myriads of challenges, one of her finest, personality, in the legal landscape and a one time, National Publicist of the Umbrella body of Nigerian Muslims Children, the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Malam  Yusuf Olaolu Ali, SAN, has   predicted the future of Nigeria and her recovery  from most of her current challengers  and take her rightful place in  the comity of nations, lies within the body of MSSN.

He posits this at webinar events organized by the PEACE (AS-SALAAM) magazine, to remember and pray for the soul of an iconic Muslim leader of all times, Dr Abdul Lateef Adegbite CON. The occasion marked the eighth year of his demise.

According to him, ‘’over the years, experts research and white papers releases have shown  because of MSSN, compositions and huge numbers the dynamism and the potentials of membership, to be the supply chain  for energetic leaders that can make Nigeria Great. He mentioned, that,, many of them, who were very active and imbibed the leadership teachings and the pristine Islamic knowledge inculcated in the  curriculum  of the yesterday-MSSN  by the founding fathers and mothers moulded them currently to occupy many leadership positions, in all spectra of today’s Nigeria State’’.

He added,’’ If we follow the history of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, since 1954 that it started;  we can see clearly that early members were a set of youth who were propelled to try to use methods that could be scientifically proved to spread Islam. we must go back to those days, when Islam was like a mass movement in our country when the practices of Islam was such that it attracted every non-Muslim and it was able to sustain and retain Muslims. Then, at that time MSSN was seen as a force by all and sundry and succeeded in have spread knowledge-based Islam, but today that is not the case’’.

He cautioned however, this potentiality may not be, if leaders and members of today’s MSSN are not ready to revisit, tow, and better the commitments of MSSN of yesterday. He says, today’s MSSN, is bewildered in thought actions, and not preparing her members enough for future leadership responsibilities in line with the experts’ predictions.

Dr Abdul-Lateef Oladimeji Adegbite, was a distinguished and eminent personality with multiple foci which covered religious, royalty, community, legal, and government, association, professional, sport, commercial, industrial leadership and academia.

He was the immediate past Secretary-General, of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, NSCIA, past, Seriki and the Baba Adinni of Egba-land in Ogun-state, Nigeria, Chairman, Nigeria-Arab Association and Deputy President, Nigeria-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry, co-founder of the Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria as well as the first president of the society.

His soul returned back to Allah around 6:35 pm or thereabout on Friday 12 Dhul Qa’dah 1433AH (28 September 2012) at the age of 82 years according to the Islamic calendar. 

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Abdussalam Abdulfattah

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