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Oasis in the desert is a sanctuary of peace, tranquility, and hope for living. A traveler who traverses a quarter of the length of Sahara desert would ordinarily jump for joy at having located such a place. One can only imagine his feelings. The euphoric atmosphere that he experiences is akin to the coming of Islam to the Arabian Peninsula. Then, Islam saved devotees from the debauchery of the Jahiliya Oligarchies, granted freedom to slaves, and bestowed dignity and honour on the Muslims. The teachings of Islam, if followed according to the rules of Allah as contained in the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet, are a shield against the evil of mankind, moral debasement and a path to salvation. But today the world and particularly in Nigeria, the level of moral decadence in many Muslim homes have made minor the moral decadence during the lifetime of Prophet Lut and Prophet Nuh combined. The most annoying development is that Imams, Islamic clerics, Students of Arabic and Quranic Schools and Muslim parents watch as everything linked to morality has gone insane. Now Muslim girls are into prostitution, most losing their virginity at teen ages. Muslim boys and girls are into fraudulent activities of untold magnitude. Our children are into drugs of all kinds, unbridled sex, killing for rituals, Kidnapping, and alcoholism. Today, many now pay lip service to Islamic dictates and practice. Mosques are no longer attractive for Muslims, and fasting during  Ramadan is becoming nonessential. Despair is a permanent song in the majority of Muslim homes. Subuahanallah. Something has happened to us. There is decadence in Muslims Oasis.

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