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Minister of Awqaf Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa said his ministry is after promoting the Islamic culture by translating the Holy Quran into different languages.

He said in order to ensure that Quranic concepts are correctly conveyed to other languages without exaggeration or causing misunderstanding, the ministry itself is managing efforts to translate the Holy Book.

According to Gomaa, the Awqaf ministry carefully selects the best translators to make sure that there will be no manipulation of the Quranic text or any mistakes in translations.  

So far, he said, translations of the Quran into 43 languages have been completed, with the latest ones being in Urdu, Hausa and Greek.

He also noted that a seminar is planned to be held in the next edition of Cairo international book fair to discuss translation of the Quran.

Gomma said a conference is going to be organized soon with the participation of Arab and Muslim countries’ senior officials in which the launch of a Union of Arab World Awqaf will be announced.

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