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Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas commended the efforts made by pesantren, Islamic boarding schools, in handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

As cited from a press release of the Ministry of Religious Affairs received here, Friday, Minister Qoumas stated that Islamic boarding schools were proven to be able to face the COVID-19 pandemic despite the limited facilities.

The minister noted that tradition and prudence taught by kyai, Islamic teachers, to the santri, students of Islamic boarding schools, had become the pillars for Islamic boarding schools to face challenges.

Kyai have contributed to encouraging santri and the general public to partake in COVID-19 vaccinations by being a role model for them.

“We should laud the experience of several Islamic boarding schools that have succeeded in making efforts to prevent, control, and handle the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the minister emphasized.

Qoumas noted that for Santri Day 2021, Islamic boarding schools in Indonesia had received a gift from President Joko Widodo in the form of Presidential Regulation Number 82 of 2021 on funding for Islamic boarding schools.

The presidential regulation stipulates the provision of Islamic boarding schools endowment funds in order to improve the quality of human resources through Islamic boarding school education.

“The Islamic boarding school Law and the Presidential Regulation on Islamic boarding school Funding are forms of recognition, affirmation, and facilitation from the state to Islamic boarding schools. In future, Islamic boarding schools are expected to continue to develop education, da’wah (Islamic propagation), and community empowerment,” the minister affirmed. (INE)

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