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Khadijah Sani

 The government of Kano State has commences the screening exercises for Mass Nikkah this year. It should be recalled that the former Governor of the State, His Excellency, Engineer Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, first introduced this humanitarian program in the state to assist those would-be couples who could not afford the expenses of getting married according to Sharia. Hence, the State government sponsored multitudes to have affordable and successful Nikkah. With this laudable program, the sitting Governor, His Excellency Gov. Abba Kabir Yusuf, deems it fit to continue the great legacy through the Kano State Hisbah Board. The screening exercise includes a registration form, personal details, meeting with the parents of the would-be couples for their approval, and examining the business commitment of the husband to-be.

The Board, however, budgeted for 1,800 couples for successful Nikkah this year, but by the swiftness of the economic crisis in the country, the Board has registered more than 2000 couples to-be within three days.

The Assistant Commander on Information, Communication, and Technology of HISBAH and Secretary of Steering Committee of the Exercise, Alhaji Adam Haruna Bayero, explained to the PEACE Magazine correspondence that for the seamless and fruitful exercises, the State government had set up some subcommittees to execute the programme.


He also explained that not only single young ladies and gentlemen applied but also divorcees. And the Medical team, which comprises experts from the government hospitals, is in place to verify the health status and genotype of the would-be couples in order to avoid health crises that might be occasioned by mismatching of genotype. In addition to the ongoing screen, there would be a seminar and platform provided for couples-to-be to interact with one another.

 The Hisbah is also organizing sessions for guidance and counseling on marital affairs, teaching them how to live with each other in tolerance, love, caring, and, more importantly, with the fears of Allah. The mass Nikkah is coming up soon with the State government, which has already procured materials that will be gifted to successful couples to start their marital lives.

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