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Liverpool’s Al-Rahma Mosque in Toxteth won an award for their outreach in 2021.

The mosque has been given the award for ‘Best Outreach Service’ in the British Beacon Mosque Award.

The ‘Best Outreach Service’ award category considers a mosque for an award based on their leaders or teams that have developed programmes there.

A spokesperson for the mosque told the ECHO: “It is an honour for Al-Rahma Mosque, Liverpool Muslim Society, and the people of Liverpool to receive such a prestigious award.”

Consideration is given to how they reach out to communities from outside their normal users, such as inviting communities into the mosque for programmes or activities.

Beacon Mosque Awards were created to highlight the role mosques and Islamic centres play in local communities in contributing to the UK’s social fabric. The initiative encourages institutions to strive for excellence in a variety of ways including youth outreach, practice of management, governance and mosque maintenance.

Community work relating to the COVID-19 pandemic was taken into account by judges, for example- Mosque Iftars online, homeless support, elderly support, blood donations and more.

Guidance on Islamic matters, children’s classes, sports events, mother and toddler groups, fund collections for UK aid and relief charities and more are just some of the activities of the mosque outside of prayer.

They also carried out important work in being a vaccination clinic during the pandemic and opened their doors to all the communities and were driving vaccination messages too.

Schools and organisations regularly make requests to visit the mosque to explore and understand the services they offer as an educational and informative insight into their daily running.

One school said: “Thank you for the warm welcome we received yesterday from yourself and our gracious guide, but also everyone at the Mosque.

“Our pupils were made to feel welcome and relaxed in an unfamiliar setting, which is very rare, and much appreciated.

“The pupils were talking all the way back to school about how much they enjoyed the visit, something quite rare considering it wasn’t a park and there were no treats involved.

“Your kindness and patience with our pupils made the experience more enjoyable and allowed them to learn more about other cultures and beliefs in a relaxed environment”.

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