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A pan Lagos indigenous organization, Egbe Omoluabi Eko (Egbe), has signified its readiness to partake in the proposed Walk for Peace by the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu, saying, as bonafide indigenes of the state, “we cannot stand aloof and watch our fatherland go backward.”

In a statement written in Yoruba language and signed by its leader (Olori), Ogbeni Ekundayo Ibrahim, and made available to the press in Lagos Thursday morning, said, “the copy of the statement has gone to the governor’s office to assure him that, we our 100 per cent behind him on the peace initiative,” telling him to, “bank on our support whenever the policy is about the welfare and wellbeing of the generality of the people in the state and beyond.”

According to the statement, the group asked the governor and the people of the state to put their mind at rest because the exercise would be peaceful, asserting that, “we have the numerical strength to ward off any aggression from any quarter that may plan to disrupt the exercise.”

Egbe said such a clarion call from the governor is supposed to be a welcome idea to all well-meaning residents of the state who harbour no diabolical intention to put the state on fire, vowing to deal ruthlessly with any sponsored enemy of the state within the purview of the law.

The press release said Governor Sanwo-Olu has once again proved himself as a competent administrator with listening ears to the yearnings and aspirations of his good people pointing out that, the Walk for Peace he has prepared to lead personality is part of his politics of inclusiveness because the people across all the strata of the society invited to the exercise would feel as being part of governance in the state.

While seeing nothing wrong in some people declining participation, Egbe said, in democracy, every individuals is entitled to his opinion and has the right to belong or not belong to any association, adding however that, the only thing that can cause friction is when someone want to extend his own fundamental human right to obstruct another person’s fundamental human right.

So, Egbe, through the statement therefore urged the people to turn out en masse to partake in the Walk for Peace because of its importance to the peaceful co-existence of the people in the state, admonishing however those antagonists to the initiative to also keep their calm in the confine of their environment without any attempt at breaching the peace of the state.

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