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The Day of Jummah remains one of the special Days in Islam. A day multitude has to follow the commandment of Allah to leave all their worldly engagements and heed the call to Jummah prayer.  The Muslims in Abuja city troop to available mosques of their wish but often in line with their ethnic divide. Beyond this visible segregation, (‘Hausaawa’ and ‘Yorubawa’ mosques}, to large extent, they go to these mosques without consideration for other road users. With impunity and lack of decorum, they spread  mats on to the roads thus blocking the ways of other motorists. Islam is very considerate but activities of some Muslims in Abuja on Jummah days in this regards say the opposite.  The prophet used to remove injurious  and dirty things  from roads all in attempt to make the road safe and smooth; but here many vehicles get jammed in that moment of aberration and it seem no one can change such occurrence . There is  the possibility of an emergency and a such situation will get compounded if it occurs on some of these areas. Therefore, authorities should rise to their responsibility, stem this ungodly action of some believers in the name of wanting to heed the Call of their Creator and help to pave ways for other road users.

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