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Daily the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board continues to reveals ugly sides of being an umpire in murky waters of games of desperation. Yes, it is a game of desperation for many Nigerian parents, students and staff who have business to do with the board.  The Odyssey is epical. At the beginning, it was a snake that swallowed millions of Naira from the coffers of the board in one of the states of the Federation. Next was a’ Professor’ that was caught wanting to sit JAMB exams for his daughter.  Another nauseating revelation was on Nigerians hiding hours in toilets to swap roles for their candidates.  Still from its odyssey are candidates hacking into JAMB severs to upgrade scores and some desperate Nigerians sponsoring  myriad of attacks on the Board, just because it chose to be a dignified umpire. These revelations confirm the abysmal personalities of some Nigerian parents and the waywardness of some students. The truth is that a bad home and by extension parents,   produces bad students. It is rather shameful for these acts to be perpetrated by young Nigerians and it is more shameful parents are collaborators. Perhaps, it is time for JAMB, under the watchful eyes of Professor Is-haq Olloyede, to also consider necessary sanctions on parents whose wards are involved in the atrocities. No wonder a large percentage of Nigerian graduates are unemployable.

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