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Ahmadiyyah’s promotion of world peace is unmatched.*By Noah Aderoju, live from Ahmadiyyah Mosque Ojokoro.The Chairman International Human Rights Committee UK, Dr Sir Iftikhar Ahmad Ayaz has said the Ahmadiyyah Muslim Community’s main objective is to strive for peace in the world.He said this at the ongoing 56th International Islamic Convention of the Ahmadiyyah Muslim Community UK known as the Jalsa Salana UK holding at the Hadeeqatul Mahdi site in Alton, United Kingdom.Dr Sir Iftikhar noted that right from the first leader of the Ahmadiyyah Muslim community to the current fifth Khalifa they have always strived for peace under the motto of the community which is “Love for All, Hatred for None”The teachings of peace that Ahmadiyyah preaches is what the world currently needs at this moment that the people on different continents of the globe face security and existential threats from within and external forces.The current Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, (Khalifatul Masih V) has also made so many efforts toward contributing to world peace including writing letters to many world leaders to invite them to peace in international affairs.The annual convention which is currently holding in the UK could not allow the attendance of the global members as it usually does due to the Covid-19 regulations. It is however live-streamed across the world through the community’s media platforms and in mosques across the world.Speaking also at the second session of the event were Principal Jamiah Ahmadiyyah International Ghana, Fareed Ahmad Naveed and Secretary Tabligh (Outreach) Ahmadiyyah UK, Muhamad Ibrahim Ikhlaf.Fareed Ahmad spoke about the “Persecution of divine communities and their progress” noted that just like the time of the Noble Prophet the Ahmadiyyah Muslim community has continued to grow across the globe despite the continuous persecution of its members and ideas.Muhammad Ibrahim Ikhlaf lectures on the importance of Dhikr for the Jamaah and the proper way of doing it.

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