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By Yunus Olawale

Going by the vicious turf war between Palestine and Israel, Saudi Arabia repudiated the call of Israel for Palestinians to evacuate Gaza and slammed the continued targeting of defenseless civilians.

Recall that the Israeli military issued a warning notice for all civilians in Gaza City—more than 1.1 million people—to reposition from south within 24 hours. While giving this unpalatable warning, the Israeli military had amassed tanks near the border with the Gaza Strip ahead of an expected ground invasion.

As contained in a statement from the Foreign Ministry, it said, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirms its categorical rejection of calls for the forced displacement of the Palestinian people from Gaza and its condemnation of the continued targeting of defenseless civilians there.”

“(The international community) must provide the needed relief and medical needs for the people of Gaza, especially since deprivation of basic necessities for a decent life violates international humanitarian law.”

The ministry said that failure to act would worsen the catastrophe and suffering already experienced by the people of the area. The Kingdom demanded that the Israeli blockade of Gaza be lifted, injured civilians be evacuated, and the peace negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis be advanced in compliance with decisions made by the UN Security Council and the Arab Peace Initiative.

The Muslim World League rejected and denounced “in the strongest terms” Israeli calls for the eviction of Palestinians from their homes as well as the ongoing bombardment of Gaza’s civilian population, the group said on Friday.

The Coalition Global for Peace (CGP) in Nigeria had also expressed its concerns about the ongoing escalation of the decades-long unrest between Israel and Palestine. The group called on Israelis to respect the rights of the people of Palestine and put a ceasefire to the humanitarian crisis that its unjust policies have enforced on Palestinians, and urge the United Nations to live up to its mandates as the guarantor of global peace, unity and security.   

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