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Nearly seventeen years ago, when the efflorescent Imam Fuad Adeyemi, exited Ansar-ud-deen Islamic Society , Abuja branch, as the then pioneer Imam to establish the Al-Habibiyyah Academy, as  an offshoot of  a think-tank and multi-faceted Islamic Society, he would not have imagined that  what he started would today becomes the new face of Dawah in Abuja and Nigeria as a whole.

Hitherto, Islamic organizations are known as mere worship grounds and often left in the hands of people who are not educated in the western sense. Thus Islam suffered tremendously in terms of dawah, propagation and the followership. But, with the establishment of Al-Habibiyyah and her giant strides, the story is changing because she has decided to package Islam in a very positive and attractive manner for pristine Islam to reflect in Muslims’ ways of life and attract converts.

She strongly believes building gigantic mosques alone is not enough for Muslims to fulfill their obligations to Allah, although it’s presently constructing one of the best Islamic edifices in Federal Capital Territory that will house   Islamic research centre, a mosque, multi-purpose hall, modern kitchen and human resource centre.  It has also developed holistic approach to her style of Dawah to aid the propagation, development and enhancement of the growth of Islam in this part of the world.

Cardinal tools she is adopting are the followings:  the legendary food bank programme, annual national unity Ramadan lecture, Zakat and Empowerment foundation, Radio and Television programmes, the JUST- an NGO, for election monitoring, the women of Al-habibiyyah, Relief Services, Executive Quranic Classes and thought-provoking sermons. With these the organization has grown into a world-class multi-projects Islamic Society, changing completely the face of Dawah in her immediate environment and Nigeria.

The food bank programme can be dubbed the food bank of distinction. In concept and execution, it remains a positive reference point in Dawah. It is designed to feed humanity, because patrons are all human beings who find their way to the premises of the organization at Guzape, Asokoro-Abuja.  Daily, in Ramadan, regardless of religion, colour or race, she feeds nearly 2000 people with 3 course meals during iftar. In addition, the group gives raw food items to indigents that also come and as part of feed-the indigent programme at the eid-ul-fitri prayers feeds multitude.

Like flood of water many troop to be part of the iftar and they are welcome with open warm hands, passion and appreciation. Alhaji Farouk Suleiman who heads the committee that executes the progrmme is quick to tell the PEACE magazine, ‘’serving in the food bank project of the group is one of his best contributions towards the welfare of human beings’’.  The orderliness that pervades the food distribution is awesome, replica of what one may see in other civil climes but certainly not in Nigeria. The cleaning of the premises immediately afterwards accords it distinction. No wonder, it remains the only religious programme that  ever wins till date  a special award on Humanitarian  Services from the United States of American government and another award in Windhoek, Namibia.

Attendance at her yearly national unity Ramadan lecture is another confirmation that she has taken the religion of Islam to the people and imparting Islamic values both on the people and leadership. The theme for this year’s unity lecture for example   was Leadership and Trust, a topic Professor. Usman Muhammad Shua’ib,(Zunnarain) the Dean, Faculty of Law , Bayero University Kano, presented with candor and scholarship. The goodwill message of Hajiya Samira Jibir, was a take home to guests and audience at the events. She admonished parents to be more responsible towards their children as many children are now turning into drugs and such will not help the future of the country. She concluded drugs now account for why some children are disappointing sometimes and do not live up to our expectations.

Al – Habibiyyah: Changing the face of DAWAH

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