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A Muslim organization, Al-Habidiyyah Islamic Society in patnership with a US Foundation, Mac Arthur has empowered scores of youths on means to use digital skills to enhance their entrepreneurial empowerment, notimg youths ought to strive to be self-reliant.

 Speaking to newsmen during a sensitization programme on December 11, 2021 at Excellence Hotel, Lagos, the Project Co-ordinator, Dr Rekia Momoh-Abaji said the essence of the programme was to let the youths know the significance of digital skills instead of engaging in internet fraud, otherwise called ‘yahoo yahoo. ‘

 The theme for the 2021 edition of the project called ‘Eat Halal’ was ‘Empowering youths with Digital Skills for a better generation.’

 The programme which is being funded by Mac Arthur Foundation is mainly to address Nigerian societal decadence such as corruption and other illicit activities.

 According to the Co-ordinator, “It is a reality that Nigeria is challenged in terms of employment. That joblessness has resulted in corruption, we want to sensitize the youth on positive ways of thinking.”

Dr Momoh-Abaji disclosed that the Society had in 2020 organized similar programme called ‘Eat Fine’ which according to her was targeted at the imams aimed to teach them on positive ways of reasoning.

She said, “We try to let people know that corruption destroys our schools, our banks, our roads and every sector because people are not honest.

 “So this year our sponsor, Mac Arthur, they wanted us to move further and to postively impact our youths since some of the evils in our society emamate from joblessness so we are using this training so that our youths can acquire digital skills.

 “We will give you a tip of the iceberg but that will arouse your curiosiy to seek for more knowledge so that you can do postive things and live positively,” the Co-ordinator told the participants.

Some of the participants told Daily Champion how exciting and impactful the programme would be in their pursuit of entrepreneurial empowerment.

 A student of University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Mubarak Erinfolamin said one point that kept ringing in his mind was that employers would always be interested in their digital skills rather than areas of specialization.

 Erinfolamin who is currently studying Electronic Electrical Engineering added that the programme would help him to develop himself for the future challenges.

 Zainab Musibaudeen from Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Osun State said, those who engage in internet fraud had seen it as a means of employment.

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