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Sina Tabbakhi from Tabriz ranked first in the 27th International Qur’an Competition of Zagreb, Croatia on Saturday.

The top rank of Tabbakhi was gained with unanimous votes of the jury members of the competition that had started three days ago and 33 reciters from 26 countries around the globe competed in it. The 2nd best reciter in the competition was from Malaysia and the 3rd from the United States.

Iranian Ambassador to Croatia Parviz Esmaili was present at the final of the completion in Saturday and the plaque of honor and prizes of were given to the winners by Dr. Husein Kavazović, Bosnian Islamic cleric and since September 2012 the Grand Mufti (Reis-ul-Ulema) of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the ending ceremony of the competition in addition to the grand mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Grand Mufti and Sheikh of Croatia Aziz Hazanovic, the head of Macedonian clerics, the Balkan region Muslim clergies, and a number of ambassadors of Islamic countries to Zagreb were present.

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