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Bats are incredibly unique nocturnal flying Mammals; common across almost the entire continents except the Antarctica and they have small brains. One of its species is one of the tiniest mammals in the world! Its wings swim through the air, rather than doing the bird flaps. They have over-powered hearts that is capable of keeping the blood moving even when upside-down. Bats roost and hibernate by hanging upside down. Hanging upside down provides a lot of safety for them because it makes it difficult for preying animals to reach and locate them. Their heartbeats can drop to just four beats per minute (bpm) but in other situations it can be between 400 and 1,100 bpm. During the day, bats sleep wherever they can find a safe haven and when they do come out at dusk, the first thing they usually do is to head to a watering hole to get a drink of water and  find food especially insects. Some,like to lick flowers to obtain the nectar, eats fruits and drink blood from cows, pigs, horses, and similar animals. It does rely on its eyesight to find food but most species use echolocation for hunting & navigation.

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