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Imams cautioned Muslims against graft , which was brought up in conjunction with World Anti-Corruption Day.

“Graft is a despicable act and strongly prohibited in Islam,” said the imams.

“It distant us from telling the truth, taints one’s heart, expose one’s secret, turns honest people into being deceptive and allows wrongdoings.

“Accepting and giving graft is condemned by Allah the Almighty and is a societal illness regardless of their position and level.

“It affects the social, economic and political well-being and drags the individual, nation and society into catastrophe due to greed.

“Accepting graft means not being sincere in executing the tasks from the employer and betraying them for personal gain and comfort.

“For those who give graft, such person is not honest, putting one’s interest first to gain benefits. Receiving graft will not bring comfort and gaining such wealth through bribery is Haram. As Muslims, we should avoid such despicable act,” said the imams.

Imams called on Ummah to cooperate and be responsible when encountering graft activities by relaying information to the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB).

“Let us pray that we stay away from graft and remain honest and sincere in executing
our daily tasks.”

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