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In view of the current COVID-19 outbreak, and with the emergence of the new and highly transmissible Omicron, anything brought up by Allah the Almighty therein lies its own wisdom, Imams said in the Friday’s sermon.

“As faithful Ummah, we must have faith in Allah the Almighty’s provisions. With every hardship comes ease,” said the Imams.

They added, “The nation is still conducting its vaccination programme – an easy, safe and effective way to protect individuals from the infectious disease.”

As stated in the State Mufti’s fatwa, the use of COVID-19 vaccine is permissible according to Syariah law, said the Imams, adding that getting vaccinated is “our effort to protect the people and curb the spread of the virus.

“The process of assessment and selection of vaccine is carried out thoroughly, taking into account the safety of the vaccine through data assessments and scientific studies before being approved for use, under close monitoring just like other vaccines. “The vaccination programme received an overwhelming response from the public; over 80 per cent of the population have been fully vaccinated. The programme aims to cover 100 per cent of the population with the exception of those who are not able to receive inoculation due to health complications and children”.

The Imams reiterated that Islam emphasises the need for Ummah to maintain and safeguard their health.

The Imams also called on the Ummah to pray for the ruler, the people and the nation to receive blessings and protection from Allah the Almighty as well as safety from the outbreak and other calamities.

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