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Yunus, Olawale

Behold, this article is not intending to launch diatribes against the use of veil but to call ourselves back and address some vital issues that need our great and attentive attention before it is too late.

The use of a veil is a command from our Creator that our Muslim women and girls should naturally cover their bodies except those that are open. This is the hijab-mania that many Muslims now champion, through court cases, House of Parliament laws, peaceful protests, and persuasive preaching around the world, particularly in non-Islamic countries. It is now common to see female Muslims dressed and covered up in different styles: some adorn ankle or ¾ length hijabs, some in cape hijabs, and some in trendy ones as if it were fashion clothing. Few others graduated to Niqab standards.

Alas, many of these women are ignorant of basic Islamic knowledge!  Our findings suggest hijab among some women is a mere Islamic expression. If one asks for basic knowledge about Islam, one will be flabbergasted at the answers. Questions as simple as how many compulsory Salahs are there for Muslims to observe, how to perform wudhu, Ghusul Nifas, Heelah, etc.—some even find it cumbersome to correctly recite Surah Fatiha. This is repugnant; therefore, while asking for hijab on our women, teach them basic Islamic knowledge. Some of our women under the hijabs are very ignorant of Islam.

This is a remembrance for us of the hadith of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) that says seeking knowledge is compulsory for both male and female Muslims, and one should know Allah before worshipping Him to earn rewards for his or her actions and deeds. Sadly, the use of hijab or even niqob has become a fashion or style that our Muslim women are donning. They lack the knowledge behind using it. It is bad enough that some will wear a so-called hijab with armless clothing, very short skirt; in fact, the hijab will be so skin-tight that one will eye the tracing of their nipples. Although Allah says we should lower our gaze, we must not go sans addressing it.

This is not the principle and knowledge of using hijab in Islam. Our female Muslims need to be more educated and enlightened about using the hijab or niqab. Muslim parents have numerous things to do for the upbringing of their daughters, particularly We should not blame society. In fact, society is innocent of whatever allegations of hazards or moral decadence gyrating in it, but parents should checkmate themselves. What everyone is implanting and imparting to one’s children from home is what is impacting society. For instance, experimentally, you as parents educate your wards Islamically and culturally, and I as a parent educate my children in the same direction; theirs too, do the same, and let’s see how our society will be. Free of hazards! Let’s be more aware that we are all shepherds, and Allah will ask us how we have shepherded our children. Momoriastion of the whole holy Qur’an is not sufficient, but to teach and educate them in the science and arts of At Taoheed and fiqhul-Islam.

May Allah guide us!    

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