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Humza Yousaf has been elected to lead the pro-independence Scottish National Party, the 37-year-old politician.

He will also be the first Muslim to lead a country in Western Europe.

The 37-year-old with Pakistani roots won the SNP leadership race thereby replacing Nicola Sturgeon as Scotland’s top leader.

“I will be a First Minister for all of Scotland. I will work every minute of every day to earn and to re-earn your respect and your trust,” Yousaf said in his acceptance speech.

 “From Punjab to our parliament, this is a journey for our generations,” Yousaf said in his triumphal address to party members and the followers in the Scottish capital Edinburgh, referring to his South Asian roots.

Yousaf has been a progressive member of his party and actively involved in national politics, which sometimes has led his views to be challenged within the party. 

Yousaf was born and raised in Glasgow in a working-class family and attended local schools before earning a degree in politics from the University of Glasgow. His father was a community organizer, and his mother was a teacher.

After earning a degree from the University of Glasgow for politics, Yousaf worked as a researcher for the SNP and was later elected as a member of the Scottish Parliament in 2011.

Yousaf’s political career has been marked by a commitment to social justice and equality. He has been a strong advocate for minority rights and has spoken out against racism and discrimination. 

He first became a party member and gradually climbed the political steps to serve as transport, justice and health secretary under Sturgeon’s leadership. 

Yousaf’s appointment has been met with both praise and criticism. Many have lauded him for his trailblazing role as the first person of color and Muslim to hold the top position. However, others have questioned his qualifications and experience, and some have criticized his support for Scottish independence.

His historic election has been seen as a sign of progress and a testament to the diversity and inclusivity of Scottish society.

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