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MAXAIR flight NGL3019 departed Katsina via Abuja to Madinah @ 08:30hrs
with 486 Pilgrims and 10 Officials.
Katsina (315) MALES=185, FEMALES=130
Kogi (171) MALES=91, FEMALES=80
Total Airlifts= 29,254
Total Flights= 69
AIR PEACE flight P4-7920 departed Lagos to Madinah @ 14:32hrs
with 271 Ondo Pilgrims.
M=141, F=130
Total Airlifts= 29,525
Total Flights= 70

MaxAir flight NGL1017 departed Kano to Jeddah @ 18:04hrs
with 543 Kano Pilgrims and 10 Officials.
M=364, F=179
Total Airlifts= 30,924
Total Flights= 73

Source: Command and Control Center, National Hajj Commission of Nigeria
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