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By Noah Aderoju

Executive governor of Ondo State, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu has sued for religious harmony, urging the people to shun religious division and misunderstanding.Akeredolu said this on Sunday at the Agape International Church 34th Annual Convention in Akure. He emphasised that the people had always lived together in harmony in spite of their religion differences in the past and urged them to continue doing so.Akeredolu who noted the presence of the Wife of former Governor of Kwara State at the convention pointed out the coincidence that while she is a christian her husband is a Muslim.“There are many people here that have both Muslims and Christians as family members and there is no quarrel. Religion should not bring quarrel among us and that is where we stand.” He admonished.He also urged the congregation and all residents of the state to always be security conscious and remain alert.“Please let us be watchful and be security conscious. Our security lies in our hands.We must be alert. God will continue to protect all of us.“Whatever government asked you to do, please comply. Have security men at your gates, have your CCTV cameras and check all new faces before allowing them into your churches.”He stressed that anybody, camp or village that aids and abets kidnappers in the state would be obliterated

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