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The decision comes following a meeting of the Supreme Committee, which also declared that entry to places of worship is restricted only to those who have been vaccinated at least once.

The Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs is to make sure all necessary COVID preventive measures are observed in mosques, reported the Oman News Agency (ONA).

Furthermore, all religious, social, cultural, and sporting group activities can once again resume, with entry restricted only to those who have been vaccinated at least once, by the end of September. Venues that host such events must operate at only 50 per cent capacity, with the organisers responsible for making sure all required precautions are in place.

Passengers arriving from Iran and Iraq no longer have to undergo mandatory institutional quarantine on landing in Oman. Instead, they have to follow the same procedures required of people arriving from other countries.

The decisions of the Supreme Committee come in the wake of measures taken to tackle the pandemic, while continuing to safeguard public health, and enabling businesses and public areas to stay open.

The committee also studied epidemiological surveillance reports, which indicated a considerable decline in Oman in the rates of infection, hospitalisation and admission to intensive care units, as well as deaths from the disease. It also reviewed the vaccination efforts and measures taken across all sectors to prevent the spread of the virus.

While more avenues of life have reopened to people, the Supreme Committee has stressed the need to continue to follow COVID-19 protocols to prevent the spread of infection.

This includes maintaining physical distancing, using hand sanitisers, and wearing face masks during group activities. People are strongly advised to follow these measures to safeguard both themselves and others.

The Supreme Committee will continue to monitor the local and global situation, keeping an eye on any developments of variants of COVID-19, and taking appropriate decisions as deemed necessary.

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