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“Who can translate its profound meaning or produce a comprehensive meaning is not readily available. It is a gift from Allah (S.W.T)”.  Sheikh  (Dr) Muhammad Ibn Habibullah, Ibn Musa popularly  known  Sheikh Kamalud-Deen Al-Adabiy.

The Prophet said to Ali Ibn Talib that the benefits of Ayat al-Kursi is monumental, that none must slack about it and the Prophet told Ali, ‘’none of my Ummah must fail to know it’’. There are benefits that are transparent, (known and open knowledge) and there are benefits that are hidden (secret knowledge). That after you learnt it or any member of my Ummah you or such persons must teach his wife (wives), children and all family members.

The total numbers of verses in Quran are said to be 6236 verses without Basmala but with Basmala   the total number of Quranic Verses is 112 + 6236 = 6348. In these, Ayat al-Kursi is regarded as the greatest verse of Quran according to Hadith. The verse is regarded as one of the most powerful in the Quran because when it is recited, the greatness of Allah is believed to be confirmed.  Ayat al-Kursi is generally known, as the ultimate verse, the verse of the throne, the master of all verses, the biggest of them and “the Major General” of the verses.


The meaning of this line (Ayat al-Kursi) is only known to Him, there cannot be any one comparable to Allah, the One true living God. He perpetually Lives but self-subsisting and eternal. He does not depend upon other beings and does not have time or space. He keeps up and maintaining all lives. His being is absolute while other gods are contingent and ephemeral.


Allah the greatest, does not sleep, but all worldly kings sleep. He needs no rest not to talk of sleeping. He created all things to sleep, the leader of all His creatures sleep. He has His command over everything that He created and constantly watch them; therefore, non-is comparable to Him.


His are all things in the Heavens and on Earth and if He has the Heavens and the Earth who then among His creatures can stand Him, and claims to intercede or pleads for his fellow creatures? None! Who can plead for a sinner, whom Allah has decreed to be punished? In the first place, both are His creatures and He, (Allah) cares as much for one as for the other. Further, who among His Prophets, Messengers, Aouliyahs that will have the effrontery to come to His presence? (None of the mentioned) can intercede on behalf of such person except with His permission.



Allah is the knower of all that is in the future and the past. He does not have limited knowledge as we do, (Human Knowledge is Limited). Allah knows all. His knowledge is absolute and is not conditioned by time or space which is applicable to human; we can only get some reflection of his knowledge, in accordance to Allah’s Will.


Human beings have no knowledge about Allah’s creatures. As much as the whites had perfected numerous inventions, they still don’t know much about Allah’s creation. It is only the little that Allah gave them, which they are cycling. We have limited knowledge, whether knowledge that is open or hidden (illmBatin, and illmsahiri). Any knowledge Allah bestowed on us is infinitesimal, incomparable to Allah’s knowledge. (To buttress this interpretations  (Sheikh Kamalud-Deen narrated the story of Prophet Musa, (AlayhiSalatu-Wasalam) his brother Yushau and a special creature of Allah, Kadir, to buttress the limitation of human’s knowledge: He particularly, mentioned that although Allah  gave tremendous knowledge to Musa, yet he was lost in search of knowledge and made a fool of himself. This is the aftermath of Musa’s arrogance. (Musa thought he knew, without linking that source of knowledge to Allah). Quran chapter 18 verse 60-66.


His Kursi extends over the heavens and the earth, and their preservation tires Him not. He is the Most High, and the Most Great.  The Throne of Allah: His seat of authority is metaphorically used. We all imagined, Allah has a throne; but that throne is nowhere, but it is where Allah transmits His Authority.  He created the least AND the biggest objects that He knows and Has control them. The mosquito is one of Allah’s creatures but despite its size, it carries high volume of diseases. The ocean, the Sun, the Sky, all objects of our thoughts are His creatures, yet they are small to His throne. The capacity of His throne can contain the “Seven Skies” and the “Seven land mass”. If we drop the lands and skies on the throne of Allah, it will be invincible. Allah supervises His creatures and their welfare does not affect His power. Allah will not blink while taking care of His creatures. A life of an imperfect being would need rest after carrying out a job, but Allah does not need such rest or contingency. He created the smallest creature, which nobody knows. Creatures that sleep eat and behave as commanded by Him; yet, he needed no rest in caring for such. In our thoughts as human we exhaust, everything, when we say, the Heavens and the Earth, but then, beyond that there is the God’s power, for He is supreme above anything that we can conceive or understand.  The sky look big to us, but it is infinitesimal in Allah’s creations and all that Allah created in between them are crystal clear  to Him.  Allah, takes care of them, cherishes them without assistance from anybody. Allah’s knowledge compare to that of man is like taking a drop of water from ocean.

Editor’s comment: This translation of Ayat al-Kursi by Sheikh Kamalud-Deen, one of the erudite Islamic Scholars that ever lived in modern time, in Nigeria falls in line with his style of profound preaching and explanatory sermons. He always buttresses his explanations with examples from the Quran and Hadith.

May Allah accept all the efforts of Sheikh Kamalud-Deen as acts of Ibadah. And continue to grant him peace in his grave and raise him as His beloved.  (Amin).

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