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Shaykh Abu Mazeedatil Khayr bn Sa’eed, the provost of the International Institute of Islamic Therapy (IIIT) Abuja, Nigeria, recently, called on the Federal Government to come up with a policy that will regulate the practice of alternative medicine in order to stop the influx of quacks and dupes into the profession. He also called on the Government of Nigeria to explore therapeutic and economic advantages Islamic medicine has for mankind.

He made these call during the fifth convocation ceremony of the institute, held  at Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory with the theme ‘Faith and Therapy in a Pandemic’  He said, “If Islamic medicine, also known as prophetic medicine, can enjoy the same privilege, accorded orthodox medicine the world will certainly be healthier. For there are over 600 herbs, plants, stems and healing foods either mentioned in the Holy Qur’an or prescribed by Holy Prophet Muhammad in his traditions that can cure all human ailments. Therefore, the government needs to intervene by assisting practitioners in regulating the practice and fund their researches, so that they can do more’’.

One of the trained professionals, Khadijah Mashegu, said the oath she has taken during induction would always be her guiding light because medicine is not an all-comers affair and a very risky profession, but hope Almighty Allah will use her to make a positive impact in the alternative medicine world.  Another graduate, Imam Abdullahi Sanni, added his voice to the call for the government to regulate and sensitize the alternative medicine sector, because with the institute, the use and practice of Islamic medicine has come to stay.

The highlight of the occasion was the oath of practice administered and presentation of certificates to the 32 graduating students made up of 10 males and 22 females. The International Institute of Islamic Therapy, in the last four years, had trained various Muslim professionals from diverse academic backgrounds in the Science of prophetic medicine, the use of herbs, cupping therapy and Islamic exorcism.

By Taofeek LAWAL, Abuja

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