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The Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria, FOMWAN Oyo State chapter has warned Christian Missionaries and the entire Christian Community in the State to avoid religious activities or programmes capable of ruining the peace and peaceful coexistence being enjoyed in every nook and cranny of the State.

The Association made the appeal while reacting to the visit of some for­eign missionaries led by one Evangelist Daniel Ko­lenda to public secondary schools in the State ahead of their planned Ibadan crusade.

The team was in Yejide Girls Grammar School, Sasa Community High School, Gbekuba Com­munity School, St’ Anne’s School Molete, Methodists Grammar School, Bodija among others.

A  statement by the Oyo State Amirah of FO­MWAN, Alhaja (Dr) B.B Oloso described the action as capable of igniting reli­gious conflict in Oyo State, adding that Oyo State Christian Community or Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN would spit fire and brimstone and al­lege Islamisation agenda if Muslims were the ones go­ing to public schools with Islamic foreign preachers or clerics to invite students to an open-air program.

“This is an act of reli­gious intolerance. Why would Principals in public Schools allow Christian Foreign Evangelists in their Schools if they were not part of plans to win souls for Christ as they usually say? It was a gross infringement on the funda­mental right to religion of the teeming Muslims in the Schools visited.

“Oyo FOMWAN con­demns this action in total­ity and warns the Orga­nizers and their cohorts especially the School heads and principals to desist from attempting to coerce and force Muslim children into Christiani­ty. Don’t ruin the religious harmony already existing in Oyo State,” Oyo FOM­WAN Amirah warned.

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