Kassem Yisa, an administrator and humanist per excellence, holds a Bachelor degree in Public Administration from the famous Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. He also schooled at Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Kwara State, Osi Central Secondary School, Osi, Kwara State and ST. Agnes Primary School, Iponrin via Ile-Ife, Osun-state.

His working experiences varied in Islamic Dawah and Islamic welfares services. He once served as the Administrative Secretary of Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fathi Society of Nigeria, (NASFAT); Abuja branch, 2002 to 2008. Through him in one day he recruited 28 NASFAT members as Marketers for a telecommunications operator as well as securing many other employments for Members in the private and public sectors. Attended World conference in 2005, hosted by National Action Committee on AIDS in Abuja. He also attended several other conferences organized by NACA for faith based Organizations representing Nasrul-Lahi -L-Fathi Society of Nigeria. 

Popularly known as Baba Abu, he served as the Regional Manager (North) for TAFSAN TOURS AND TRAVELS LIMITED, a business arm of NASFAT, where he coordinated for the Islamic group, Umrah and Hajj services with unblemished records.  He in the past worked as Advert Executives Abuja offices of Daily Times Nigeria Limited and Media Trust Limited, Abuja, where he carved a niche for himself in ADVERTS sourcing tactics for print Media houses. In addition to his directorship in the PEACE Magazine, he sits at the head of Z & R Travels and Tours, specializing on Umrah and Hajj services.

This passionate and widely travelled Islamic worker has been with the PEACE MAGAZINE since it debuted in 2002 and midwifes the PEACE forage into Abuja and Kaduna Markets.